Bad Samaritans

A brilliantly funny short film and my second time working with Director Valentina Ceschi with whom I love to collaborate.  We decided to go for a very different aesthetic to what we had shot before and be a lot more linear and composed, allowing the absurtdity of the script to play out within often static frames, then using extreme dolly movements to heighten other moments.

Director - Valentina Ceschi

DOP - Jonathan Nicol

1AC - Gulistan Korkmaz

2AC - Josh Bayliss

Gaffer - James Dougan

Sound Recordist - Erin McMillan

Production Designer - Megan Murray

Script Supervisor - Hattie Harrison

Producer - Keith Herring

MUA - Pooja Pande

Camera - RED Helium 8K

Lenses - Lomo Round Front Anamorphics