Why do Ghosts Play with Lights?

A funny and touching script, by a talented young director.  This project was a pleasure to work on.  I love to work on comedy when I'm given the freedom to make it cinematic as well.  This was an absolute blast, we didn't stop laughing on set and I had an incredibly professional team behind me.

Director - Carwynn Blayney

DOP - Jonathan Nicol

Production Manager - Margaret Tsoi 

Production Designer - Jeffrey Choy

1AD - Angharad Jones

2AD - Marco Leiton

1AC - Etai Shomri

2AC - Gule

Gaffer - Rob VonGlas

Location Sound Mixer - Waris Albakri

MUA - Jasmyn Mistry

Runner - Essam Aljaedy

Spark - Kaba Keita

Camera - RED Helium 8K

Lenses - DZO Vespid Primes