I have been working as a cinematographer for the past 12 years, my love of cinematography emanates from a love of stills photography and the shape of light. Going freelance straight out of university, I started working on a huge variety of projects, from music videos, to lifestyle films, documentary work and eventually moving onto commercials too. After a number of years working on commercial and music projects of increasing scale, I decided to re-focus on my original love, narrative fiction. Over the past few years, I have pursued narrative fiction, looking for projects that intrigue and excite him; in that time I have shot 2 feature films, 5 short films, 2 series pilots and has 2 feature films, 2 shorts and a series pilot in the pipeline. I treat each project individually, never liking to push a particular style on the project, instead, I look to adapt and work with a director to capture their vision for the project in a collaborative and distinct way.  I approach every project looking at how to tell the story. Camera and lens choice are all part of that decision.  I work with small and large crews and am happy operating as well as hands off camera. I'm looking to connect with unique stories and people who inspire and challenge me as we allow each other to grow in our work.

Please email me at jonathangnicol@googlemail.com 

My kit list which I myself own is as follows:
RED Epic Dragon 6K - 1 x 512gb Card, 1 - 480gb Card 2 x 120gb Cards
PL Mount
EF Mount
FD Mount
3 x RED Bricks 4 x 130Wh V-Locks, 1 x 230Wh V-Lock, 2 x 95Wh V-Locks
Canon FD Lens Set: 20mm F2.8 24mm F2.8 35mm F2.0 55mm F1.2 85mm F1.2
Canon EOSR with EF and FD Mount
Sigma 18-35 F1.8
TVLogic 5.5 Inch OLED monitor
Blackmagic 7Inch Monitor
Sekonic L-508 Cine Meter
Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus
Tilta Hard Follow Focus
Tilta 4x4 Matte Box
Tilta Moose Bars
Cine Saddle
Mag Liner
Apple Box Set
Cartoni Tripod Head
Vinten Sticks - 2 Stage
Baby Legs
Promist - ⅛ , ¼, ½ ,
Full Glass ND - 0.3, 0.6, 0.9
Hollyland Wireless Monitor
Kinoflo Wallolite 750w
Kino Flo Celeb 200
2 x Kino Flo barfly 200d
2 x Arrilite 750W Open Face
2 x Kinoflo 4 bank 4ft
2 x Arri 2K Openface
1 x Small Chimera
1 xXS Chimera
1 x Pancake
2 x Arri 650w Fresnel
1 x 350w Filmgear Fresnel
1 x 1000w Arri Fresnel
1 x Aputure LS Panel
1 x 4ft Trace Frame
1 x 3ft Trace Frame
1 x Fast flag Kit
1 x 36" x 24" flag
3 x Magic arms & K-Clamps
12x12 Blackout
16 metres of Bolton blackout
5 x C-Stands
Kupo Master High Cine Stand
2 x American Stands
10 x Small light Stands
Gel Sets
Italian Clamps
Gaffer Clamps
Poly Clamps
Cardellini clamps
27Inch Client Reference Monitor
Custom Topdown Rig
Ladder Dolly with 1.5metre and 3 metre track