My Equipment

I have a lot of equipment, that I'm happy to dry or wet hire, with the right insurances in place.  For information on pricing, please drop me an email at

Please see below a full breakdown of my kit list:

Kit List:

Cameras, Lenses & Rigs

RED Epic W Helium 8K - Skintone OLPF, Standard OLPF- with Arri Top Plate, Arri Top Handle - with Hex 5 Extension, Arri Production Plate, Wooden Camera EVF Bracket, RED V Mount I/O module and RED Sidekick

RED Epic Dragon 6K - Skintone OLPF, Low-light OLPF - With RED Adapter Module, RED Sidekick, Arri Bridge Plate, Wooden Camera Top Plate, Smallrig Handle, Wooden Camera V-Mount with Fuse safety and 3 D-tap Ports

2 x 512gb Card, 1 - 480gb Card 2 x 120gb Cards

2 x PL Mount, 1 x EF Mount, 1 x FD Mount

2 x150Wh mini Bebob V-locks, 1x98Wh mini Bebob V-lock, 2 x 130Wh RED Bricks, 4 x 130Wh V-Locks, 2 x 230Wh V-Lock, 3 x 95Wh V-Locks

Tokina 11-20 T2.9 PL Lens

DZO Pictor Zoom 20-55 T2.8 PL Lens

Canon FD Lens Set: 20mm F2.8 24mm F2.8 35mm F2.0 50mm f1.4 55mm F1.2 85mm F1.2

Canon EOSR with EF and FD Mount

TVLogic 5.5inch OLED 055A

Blackmagic 7Inch Monitor

27Inch Client Reference Monitor

17 Inch Reference Monitor (scratched)

Noga Arm 12”

3 x Mini Magic Arm 6”

Tilta 4x5.65 clip on matte box

Tilta 4x4 Matte Box

4 x 4 Promist - ⅛ , ¼, ½ , 1

4 x 5.65 Schneider Glass ND - 0.3, 0.6

4 x 5.65 Tiffen IRND Water White - 1.2

4 x 5.65 Pig Iron Black Mist

4 x 4 Glass ND - 0.3, 0.6, 0.9

4 x 4 Coral Filter - 1

Teradek Bolt Pro 1 x TX 1 x RX

Hollyland Wireless Monitor

Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Follow Focus

Tilta Hard Follow Focus

Tilta Moose Bars with 6 inch extension bars

Custom Moose Bars

Shoulder Pad

4 inch, 2x6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch 15mm bars

Sekonic Cine Light Meter

Minolta Color Meter

Camera Support:


Cine Saddle

Junior Mag Liner

Apple Box Set

Cartoni Tripod with Vinten 2 Stage Sticks

4 Ft King Slider

Custom Topdown Rig

Custom Dana Dolly with 1.5metre and 3 metre scaffolding track

Custom Focus Dolly - runs on standard Ronford Baker track or Scaffolding

Grovel Pad

Set of 12 Paganinis

Set of Wedges

Basic Steadicam rig up to 15kg

Zhiyun Crane 3s With Pro pack up for up to 6.5kgs


Kinoflo Wallolite 750w

2 x Kino Flo barfly 200d

3 x Arrilite 750W Open Face

1 x Amaran 200d

1 x Source 4 575w - 50 Degree 575w

1 x Arri 650w Fresnel

1 x 350w Filmgear Fresnel

1 x 1000w Arri Fresnel

1 x Aputure LS Panel

1 x Nanlite RGB 2 Foot Tube

1 x Falcon Eyes LED flexible Panel

1 x Small Chimera

1 x XS Chimera

1 x Pancake Chimera

1 x 4ft Trace Frame

1 x 3ft Trace Frame

1 x 4 by Floppy

1 x Fast flag Kit

1 x 36" x 24" flag

12x12 Blackout

Custom fast flag kit

16 metres of Bolton blackout

7 x C-Stands

Kupo Master High Cine Stand

10 x Small light Stands

Gel Sets

3 x Cardellini Clamps

1 x Poly Clamp

2 x K-Clamps

3 x Magic Arms

2 x Big Ben Clamps

1 x 2.7 - 5.3m Extendable Auto Pole

1 x 8x8 Ultrabounce

2 x 4x4 Polyboards

2 x 4x2 Polyboards

Grid Cloth Roll

216 Roll

250 Roll

5 Metres Unbleached muslin

3 x Aputure B7C Bulb

4 x 150w equivalent LED tungsten bulbs

10 x 110w equivalent LED Daylight Bulbs

4 x 110w Equivalent LED tungsten bulbs

1 x LED RGB 100w equivalent LED bulb

8 light Festoon

2 x Single E27 bulb fixture